Fall into Flavor :: Cornmeal-Thyme Cookies

It's barely September but the smell of fall is in the air...and in my kitchen. 
As a subscriber to Martha Stewart's Cookie-of-the-Day I get a daily dose of sweet inspiration delivered to my inbox each morning. This week's note spoke to me for some reason and I dove right in!!
As a fan of the salty/sweet, this was the perfect dish. Coupled with a touch of Molly Moon's Vanilla Bean ice cream it added a completely different taste and delivery to the dish. Tiny cookies, mini ice-cream sandwiches, huge taste! What's the saying? Good things come in small packages? In this case...they're right!! 

Click here for the cookie recipe. Once complete and completely cooled, add 1 tablespoon of vanilla ice cream between two like-sized cookies and freeze. Wrap in parchment paper to appropriately portion/package. I like to wrap with twine or a lovely ribbon for presentation!!

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