Just for the "Helvetica" of it!

I just adore the internet! It enables me to connect with people like that * (insert snap!), it allows me to connect with my family and friends (or ex-boyfriends!) on a whim and provides me with endless amounts of inspiration and wants. Today's want?? Helvetica Cookie Cutters from Beverly Hsu. 

These creations combine two of my favorite things - cookies and type design. Helvetica, a tried and true typeface that has stood the test of time is the perfect pair for this classic treat. You could send a sugar cookie love letter! Make your resignation letter a bit more bearable or simply say "hello!" a little sweeter! 

Beverly Hsu...these are simply wonderful! I hope to one day add them to my cookie cutter collection!

Now...what would I spell....hmmmmmm....


Daily Dose of Martha

For the past 10 days, I've been receiving some daily (and delicious) inspirations from Martha Stewart. Her "Cookie of the Day" e-mails arrive in my inbox and provide a sweet nudge towards the kitchen. One glance at her Chocolate-Orange Espresso Thins, one mention of her Cigarettes Russes, one sentence into the description of her Mocha Madeleines and I'm ready to call it a day and head home to begin the baking. If you're looking for some new delights or a new twist on old favorites, Martha's Cookie of the Day provides a seemingly endless list of sweet inspirations. Which one will you bake tonight?