Meet "Bert" - My Sexy New Roomate

Other than the sacred Kitchen Aid Mixer (moment of silence), an oven is the prized possession of any baker. Last week I purchased my first home after falling (hard) for a professional 30-inch dual fuel range and oven named Bert...short for Bertazzoni

If ovens can be described as sexy then this one is smokin' hot. Bert has it all. A balanced air-flow fan convection to provide even heat distribution for single and multi-level roasting and baking, without flavor crossover. (Flavor crossover? Who knew?!) It features a wide-area infrared gas grill, true European convection through a third ring heating element, a powerful electric grill and even has a "triple-glaze door" to ensure low-temperature external surface. See? I told you. Sexy.

As with most overtly sexy creatures, I'm a bit intimidated. Each night this week I've come home and basically just gawked at Bert - rather than used him. I've turned on a burner or two (okay all of them) and have flipped on the fan, springing the hood to life. I've tickled the knobs and adjusted the burners. However, I've yet to place a single cake pan or cupcake tin in his lovely hands. I must break the seal. I must muster the courage and befriend the sexy beast. I mean, it's only fair. To let Bert sit unused would just be rude!So here I sit, like an awkward teenager planning for the weekend's "prom night," planning my first move.  

This could be the weekend where Bert gets lucky. 

I'm hoping to try Martha's Candied Hazelnut Cupcakes and her Mini Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

To steal a line from the fine Mr. Marvin Gaye, Bert...let's get it on! (And go easy on me - it's my first time.)