été le croissant

It's Memorial Day weekend and while most are spending it celebrating in the most American of ways - BBQs, picnics,  summer gardening - I'm daydreaming of Paris and planning ete le croissant - the summer of the croissant! 

Since my younger sister gifted it to me during the holidays, my Tartine Bread cookbook has been a regular weekend companion. I pour through it's pages on a Saturday morning, french press alongside, and devour each and every gorgeous picture. The care that's been taken in presenting such a simple staple as bread is truly a labor of love - as are most of the recipes within.

I've dabbled a bit in their Savory Bread Pudding and Fresh Fava Panzanella (both delicious!) but the 10-page croissant recipe always seems to be where the book falls open as if taunting me, daring me to try it. So today, as my Saturday morning ritual has extended to a Memorial Day Monday - the mark of the summer season - I've decided that this will be the summer of the croissant, ete le croissant! Oui indeed!

So let it be known internets....I will tackle this "petit engineering marvel" if it takes me 'til Labor Day. (And given the labor that will go into these culinary icons, it's only appropriate.) Stay tuned!

"A well-made croissant will give one pause, a moment to reflect on the petit engineering marvel set before you." - Chad Robertson, Tartine Bread

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