Preheat your oven...

It's been said (guilty!) that if you can read, you can bake. While that may be true to some extent, I've always taken it one step further. I think if you can bake then you can be happy!

Baking for me is somewhat therapeutic. Watching the butter and sugar cream just right. Seeing the eggs form the perfect peaks. Flipping on the oven light to see your cupcakes expanding in their flimsy paper cups. And most importantly, the selfish satisfaction and silent streak of happiness you feel when you offer your goods to another and they let out the... "Oh...this is amazing!" Your soul smiles a bit and you think, I made this pretty little package of sugar and I made this other person happy, if only for a bite!

This blog is dedicated to finding and serving happiness to others - whether it be in a tart pan or a cookie tin. It's about my trials (souffle anyone?) and my triumphs (sugar cookies!) and most importantly it's about the process. Trying new things, adding some style and sharing it with others! I hope you'll share your favorite recipes with me!


  1. oooooo la la! I LOVE! Oh it is such a pretty blog and So true! Baking finds its way to our heart:) Welcome to the Blogging world. xoxo

  2. This blog is just what the doctor ordered...cake and happiness, what could be better? Is there such a thing as baked icecream? Thanks Katie!